IT Support for Healthcare

Whether you’re a podiatrist, oncologist or audiologist, we have you covered. Boonya Systems specializes in managing healthcare IT. Our expertise within the compliant IT space encompasses a large variety of small to medium sized private practices.

If you’re looking to outsource your IT, look no further. We have all the cutting edge tools and HIPAA complaint solutions to ensure your practice is safe, secure, and running smoothly. From our Private Cloud, to our 24/7 Helpdesk Support, we have you covered.

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Boonya performed the security analysis for Uptown Eye Care, and I was taken completely by surprise with the results. My guess was our overall results would be better than average. I was completely wrong. There were security breaches that I would have never known existed. I found it frightening that there was so much that I was unaware of. The report from Boonya was thorough and detailed and easy to understand. I am much more confident in the integrity of our computer systems now. Thank you!

Melonie CarlsonUptown Eye Care

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