What is IT Managed Services?


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What is IT Managed Services?

The best answer to that question is with traditional IT support you call your IT Provider when you’re already having a problem. With Managed IT Services we call you to tell you about the problems we prevented.

How is IT Managed Services different than traditional IT support?

At Boonya Systems, our goals are in alignment with yours. We want your business to run smoothly and because we operate on a flat rate basis we are properly motivated to take care of root cause problems before they become big problems. Because ultimately big IT problems cost your business and our business a lot of money if they are not properly addressed.[/one_half_last]

Why IT Managed Services?

  • Proactive Maintenance – We take care of all your technology to ensure things run smoothly 5mg cialis cost. We also monitor all your critical systems, network, server to detect problems before they cause downtime.
  • Predictable IT Costs – With the traditional model you are paying sometimes more sometimes less. With IT Managed Services now you’re paying a flat rate monthly subscription no matter how much time we spend working on your business. We send you a breakdown every month with how much your service would have cost if you were paying by the hour. Often times you would have paid much more for support hourly than with IT Managed Services.
  • Comprehensive Package – We provide you with everything you need for your business. From email, to cloud backup to network security to prevent unauthorized intrusions into your network.
  • Unlimited Support – Often times we run into businesses with un-addressed IT problems because the employees didn’t want to call their IT provider because they were afraid it would cost their company money. We offer unlimited remote and on-site support as part of our IT Managed Services package so that you’ll never have to worry about running up the clock.

Want to learn more? Check out our Boonya IT Essentials Package with a breakdown of what we offer.

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