Boonya Systems

Cloud Services

Private Cloud Hosting

Many of our competitors simply resell things such as Amazon Cloud at a markup or label it as their own. Boonya owns and operates a fully privatized cloud environment that truly is a “Private Cloud”. Our cloud gives us unmatched flexibility and responsiveness with services such as virtual servers, web hosting, backup, cloud sharing and email.

Email / Hosted Exchange

Whether you are looking for someone to host your email or help migrate to another platform, we can help. We understand email communication is a critical function of any business, which is why we have invested heavily in encryption tools, malware filtering, anti-virus and SPAM filtering to keep your communications safe and compliant.

Offsite Backup

Threats to your data are everywhere, which is why we take backup very seriously. We offer a wide range of backup solutions that include anything from a simple once a day backup of a PC, all the way to redundant servers with up-the-minute backup and restoration capabilities to keep you up and running in the event of disaster.

Do Not Lose Valuable Information

Make sure your private information is kept private