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Managed Services

IT Support

Being passionate about serving our clients is at the foundation of everything we do. That means we believe in creating close business relationships with all of our customers so we can better understand your business and what is important to you. Doing things like assigning a dedicated technology expert who oversees your account not only fosters a better working relationship but also helps identify and solve problems faster with greater efficiency – saving you time and money.


Software Support

At Boonya, we help support all your business software and applications. Avoid finger-pointing between software support and IT, long wait times, and confusion working with vendors. At Boonya we will work directly with your software vendors to fix problems faster.


Phone System Support

Whether you are looking to integrate a new phone system, or simply keep your current system running smoothly, we can help. Leverage our wealth of knowledge and contacts in the phone provider industry to find the right solution that best fits your business.

Hardware Repair and Support

We can assist with diagnosing and repairing many common hardware issues with laptops, computers, servers and printers. We can also initiate warranty repair claims and RMA’s on your behalf for devices that are covered under manufacturer warranty.

Specialty Equipment Support

Our staff has intimate knowledge and experience working with just about every piece of specialty equipment, instrument, x-ray, sensor, camera and medical device in the dental, eyecare and healthcare field. We can work as a liaison between your clinic and the manufacturer to help diagnose and repair issues of your devices quickly and efficiently.

Keycard Access

Pairing efficiency with security is another way we add value to your clinic. This is why we have adopted the use of keycard access to safely and quickly log into any computer on your network without the need for manually entering passwords, helping create synergy with technology and patient care.

Group Policy Administration

At Boonya, we configure your network so we can centrally manage all of your security, user access, audit controls, passwords, and technical safeguards from one place. This gives us the control to easily add/remove users, monitor the health of your PC’s, manage passwords or lock down the network in the event of a malicious attack or breach, just to name a few.

HIPAA Policy Administration (if applicable)

In addition to Group Policy Administration, we also take steps to ensure we are meeting all the required regulations and standards for HIPAA. This includes things like requiring password changes, managing access levels for staff, having proper anti-virus protection, managing firewall licensing, creating disaster recovery plans, and maintaining an up-to-date manual outlining all your policies and procedures to ensure you are not only secure but compliant.

Technology and Security Made Simple

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